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  • Peppa Pig Bath Pouf 2 Pk in Window

Peppa Pig Bath Pouf 2 Pk in Window

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This package of Peppa Pig Bath Pouf contains 2 soft mesh scrubbies. One of the scrubbies is Peppa Pig and the other, Peppa Pigs' little George. Use these scrubbies to keep your child's skin smooth and glowing

  • 1 Peppa Pig Mesh Scrubbies
  • 1 George Mesh Scrubbies
  • Make Bathtime Interesting With Favorite TV Show Character
  • Great for Bath or Shower
  • Recommended for Children 3 and Older
SKU RTS-1004101
Shipping Weight 7.0 oz
Brand Peppa Pig
Country of Manufacture China