LOL Surprise Under Wraps: A New Surprising Experience

L.O.L Surprise Under Wraps: A New Surprising Experience

Are you ready for a different unwrapping experience? Distinct from to the traditional LOL balls, the LOL Surprise Under Wraps have

15 surprises for you to discover in a super cool futuristic lookalike capsule! The capsule can be used as a bed for the doll, a chest for

your kids LOL accessories or a purse. Just clip on the handle provided inside. There is one important thing we must tell you. In order to

open the capusle you must first put on your detective hat and figure out the right codes that will unlock it and other compartments

where the surprises lay. Be patient, it might take some time, which means prolonged suspense and fun! ! If there is any trouble, your kids can

ask someone to help them out. Some of the dolls' hair, outfit and/or bodysuit  change color when you dip them in warm water. They turn back

to their orignal color in cold water.  Find out which one with each Under Wrap you get! 

Psst! Here's something you should know... 

1)There are secret messages on the wrappers, don't throw them away!

2)There are two dolls stands, one inside the capsule and the other on top of it. The removal capsule can be snapped in upside down.