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  1. Valentine's Day Ideas to do With Your Kids

    Valentine's Day is just a few days away! Let's make it a celebration of love that kids can be a part of too. Here are some ideas you can use to celebrate valentine's day with your kids:

    1) Decorate the table with Valentine items. 

    2) Surprise them with a Care Bear plush. 

    3) Get creative with breakfast by making heart shapes with their food.

    4) Prepare heart shaped cookies and special cupcakes, and watch a Valentine Day movie together.

    5) Write love notes or draw love pictures together prior to Valentine's Day and give it to friends and family on Valentine's Day.



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  2. The Love of Toys!

    What is it about toys that both kids and adults love? The answer is quite simple. Toys are fun! They engage you, they grasp your attention, they provide a feeling of happiness, and sometimes a sense of adventure during play. Toys are also a great way to facilitate learning. Think about it. What is a great way to keep a child interested in learning about their colors, math, and any other aptitude or skill? Through toys and games. It encourages them to perceive learning as a fun activity as they grow older.

    Cognitive, social, emotional, communication, motor, creative thinking, choice-making skills and more can all be learned through play. Wait, there is more! Playing with toys allow kids to be imaginative, and what a wonderful thing that is. Many of us lose our sense of imagination when we become adults for many reasons. When you observe kids play by themselves or with other children, it can rekindle a spark within by just looking at how open and creative they can be. You can't

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  3. NEW! Red's Toy Shop Gift Experience

    Giving presents is a gratifying gesture that can sometimes start out as a clueless process due to the variety of toys one can choose from. Which one is the "perfect" match? Not to mention that there seems to be a new toy coming out every week. That's why we are here to save your shopping experience! You don't have to stress yourself about giving the "perfect" present. Gift giving can be fun and easy. This is why we decided to create unique gift sets that will cut down the ruminating thoughts that take place after asking yourself, "What should I get him/her?". Most of our gift sets are themed based on popular children shows and trending toys, which helps with narrowing down your choices.

    Gekko Ariticulated Figure

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  4. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed the holiday season as much as we did. We decided to make this year's resolution all about providing you with quality, hot new toys that you and your kids will enjoy. 

    We would like to take this time to thank you for being such loyal customers!  If you live near Parlin, NJ, don't forget to come by our store. We love helping our customers, big and small alike, find the perfect toy or gift. 

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